New Noise Injury single

Planning to release the first single from the new album (which is still in progress) as a free download/pay what you want format on Bandcamp.


Nem compilation out now with a new After [Life] track on it called ‘Unrealistic Expectations’


After [Life]

After [Life] is a hungarian ambient/electronica project founded in 2008. Mainly inspired by the world of silent hill and other horror, mystic things.

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Previous releases on Bandcamp: http://www.bandcmap.com/afterlifehu


Peaceful Melancholy

The third After [Life] album is out on Bandcamp as a free download/pay what you want condition: http://afterlifehu.bandcamp.com/album/peaceful-melancholy


01. Let Me Leave
02. Peaceful Melancholy
03. Endlessly
04. Just Let It Go
05. Mask Of Betrayal
06. Labyrinths Of Maze
07. You Will Be Fine (I Won’t)
08. Agony 
09. Under The Black Skies
10. Everything Is Dead Around Me 
11. The Abyss
12. Their World Is Collapsing